A Quick review for a Quick Start challenge


Hello everybody,                                                                                                                                            Today I would like to share some thoughts about this challenge so far.

Week one title: ”Establishing yourself online”

I’m honest here, just like the others trainings out there, I was sceptical at first. But since the week one training has started, I have to admit that Mister Dean Holland is pretty persuasive.

You know why??

I’m here talking to you. That’s right, I TOOK ACTION!! I heard so many times before that to make money online, you need a blog, you need to make videos. I’m aware now that if you want to be successful online, you need to be present, you need to connect with people.

Week two title: ” The Traffic Tap”

This whole training session was about Traffic. But first and foremost, about free traffic. The main difference between free and paid traffic is that in the free traffic, you will have to invest time. On the other side, with paid traffic, you will have to invest money.

Since I don’t have to much money to invest right now, my choice is very obvious, free traffic it will be. I learned two ways to generate free traffic. Very easy and once again, it makes perfect sense. The first one is called: ”Signitraffic method”.  Basically, this method requires you to go on internet marketing forums (ex: Warriorforum.com) and get involved in the discussion. What it does is that, if you go and check out those discussions about this niche, people will start to know you. And after a while, people will get to know you more and they might go and check up your website. Free traffic right here!!

The second method is called: ”Blog hop method”. This one is about visiting others blogs and make regular comments on posts that sound relevant for you. In the QSC community, we are really lucky. Dean and his team put all the blogs that have submitted for the challenge on one page. They call it, the blogroll. This page makes our job way more easy. You just go there, choose a blog and make a comment. In that case too, if people see comments on their posts, they might comment on yours as well. Again, free traffic right here!!!!

Isn’t that beautiful??!!! 🙂

Week two challenge

So, quickly, this week challenge is all about getting your face out there. That’s right!!! Make a video!! So here we are now, facing our fears……How will I look like?? What people will think about my videos??? Can I really do this??

Yes, I can!!! And I will!!!

That wraps up for today guys. See you on youtube!!!

Cheers 🙂

Welcome to my blog!!


I remember back in the days  I was playing and teaching music full time. I WAS FREE!! No boss, no traffic!! And the most important thing, I was working for myself. There is no such thing more rewarding out there than to work for only one person, YOURSELF!!

Unfortunately, this whole concept stopped when my boy was born. You know, the music industry is not a ferry tale, it may sounds cool like that but for me, financially speaking, it was way not enough to provide for my family. So I took a few jobs there in there and now I’m a full time truck driver since 4 years.

Thats why i’m here. I’m looking for another way. Another way that will give me the opportunity to spend more quality time with my family. I will be here to share relevant information about internet marketing. I hope it will help you as much as it helped me.

TO GET LOST IS TO LEARN THE WAY. -african proverb

For the past few months, I have been looking for a way to make money online. What I found out there was pretty shocking……A HUGE amount of information, trainings, systems that all looked very attractive. Most of them are telling you what you want to hear.

I purchased a few of them, but nothing happened… So up to now my online earnings can be resume in word short number: 0.00$…..

The most relevant information I learn so far is that you can’t start from scratch without any help. It may sound very easy for some people to start an online business by yourself, but trust me, its not. You need to put time, you need guidance, you need mentorship.


I purchased the QSC 3.0 last week and I wanted to leave my impression on it so far.

The Quick Start Challenge is an affordable four weeks training program for anybody who wants to start an online business within only one month. It as been created at the begining by a successful online entrepreneur named Dean Holland. Since then, the QSC team as grow and Dean brought two other guys onboard with with him, Craig Crawford and Robert Philips.

I have gone threw the first week challenge and here I am!! I have done my homework. I feel like going back to school. Evertyhing here is about listening, learning, follow the steps and take action. Also, I have to admit, the best part so far is the community. The Facebook group is just great!! You can really feel the buzz!! And the most important thing to know here  is that all the members are sharing relevant info or tips to each other and this is priceless!!!

So there you go people , my journey as begun!!

Talk to you guys soon!!

Cheers 🙂